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True Life Stories

Sandy's Story

My name is Sandy and I am 50 years old. I have spent my entire life wishing for a chest. After my first child, I "swelled" up to a 34B, but my second child (whom I breast fed) deflated them right back down. Imagine how embarrassing it is to be able to button your Jr. Hi Cheerleading vest without any problems! I never dreamed I would ever be able to do anything about my size until my wonderful husband asked what I wanted for Christmas. I expected him to laugh when I said breasts, but he said for me to check it out.

I am a nurse and began immediately researching doctors. I made an initial list of about 12 doctors and then began the process of elimination based on surgery locations, references from friends and co-workers- even a surgeon. I had narrowed the list to 2 and I made appointments with both of them. At my first appointment, I was so impressed with the doctor's calm, straightforward language and understandable explanation of the surgery, I cancelled the other appointment and never saw Doctor #2.

My surgery was scheduled for January and it was only the beginning of December!! I had to wait what seemed like FOREVER so that I could take some time off work after we passed the busy holiday season. The wait was the worst part of the whole experience! During this time I vacillated on the size of implants. I originally thought maybe 250cc. My doctor suggested that I think larger because most women after surgery regretted that they did not go larger. So, I apprehensively decided on 350. No, 325. No, 350. However, the day of surgery when my doctor checked me for the last time I was SHOCKED and AMAZED to hear myself tell him 360cc. That was THE BEST decision I have ever made. I am now a very nice 34D. The implants were placed under the muscle from a little incision under the breasts. The incision is in the fold and no one can see it!

My surgery went very well and I left the surgical suite in my sports bra with breasts up under my chin! That was a little scary but I was assured that they would drop into their rightful place! I got very tired of the sports bras and on my Day 3 post op visit we had to wrap my breast with an ace to help them drop. They were very strange looking since they sat up like a shelf. I had pain medicine, but I didn't ever take it for pain due to the surgery. My only pain was from my lower back because I had to sleep on my back for several weeks(did I mention that I was 50??)! I only took it for a few days, but it was very needed to help me sleep. I took three days off from work and was back one week after surgery. When I went back I had to get the other nurses to lift and turn my patients, but they were more than willing to help me. It has now been 4 months since my surgery and I feel like I have been this size all my life. My breasts have the most wonderful look and feel. The scars are barely visible and the natural sag to them makes them appear totally natural. I actually have more sensation in them now than I did before surgery.

Would I do this again? In a New York minute!!! The change in body image has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. For the first time in my life, my top is in proportion to the bottom. I fill out shirts that hung flat before. I own 13 bras in every color and the thrill of the day is deciding which one I want to wear.

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