True Life Stories Deena's Story

True Life Stories

Deena's Story

I had saline implants placed 10 years ago and went from an A cup to a full B cup. I was never happy with the size as I felt I should have gone bigger. My surgeon is very conservative and wants you to "look natural". At the time, I just trusted his judgement and went with what he suggested.

Well, I have had these for 10 years and felt I got my money's worth and am "trading up" on December 1st. I already had the consultation and have opted for the new silcone gel implants. I was so impressed by how they felt and I qualified to be in the FDA Study so decided to go for it. I am still afraid that my doctor will not go as big as I want so I am taking some pictures to my pre-op appt. of the breasts I like. My husband enjoyed this part as we sat down to look through Playboy magazines together!!

I guess the reason I'm writing here is to tell women to go as big as they feel is appropriate, not what the doctor feels is appropriate, you have to live with them, not him. In some cases, bigger is better!! My feeling is, if I wanted to "look natural" I would never have had the implants in the first place. Good luck to all you ladies getting the surgery, you will not be disappointed.

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